Discover Biodanza, its principles, applications and extensions.

What is Biodanza?

“Biodanza is a human integration system of organic renewal, of  affective re-education, and of re-learning of the life primordial functions. Its application consists in leading vivencias through music, singing, integral body movements and group encounter situations”. Rolando Toro 2002. (Academic definition of Biodanza)

“Biodanza is a system that accelerates integrative processes at the cellular, immune, metabolic, neuro-endocrino and  existential level by providing enriched environment including selected music, integrative movement, cares and group interactions”. Rolando Toro 2009. (Last updated definition).

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Human intergration

The Biodanza integration process is carried out through the stimulation of  primordial functions connected to life that allows every single person to be integrated with himself, with species and universe.

Organic renewal

That is made possible by special conditions of integrative trance. These experiences allow cells reparation and global regulation of biological function processes, reducing stress and disorganization factors.

Affective re-education

It is the ability to establish relationships with other human beings.

Relearning the original functions of life

Learn to listen to yours instincts. The instinct is an inborn hereditary behavior, that does not need to be learn and shows itself through specific stimuli whose aim is to preserve life and allow its evolution.

Integrative vivencias

It is a human experience lived with great intensity here and now that spread over all existence. These vivencias are integrative as they have harmonic effects by themselves. Vivencias in Biodanza are directed towards stimulate vitality, sexuality, creativity, affectivity and transcendence (Lines of Vivencia).


The Biocentric Principle finds its inspiration in the intuition of a universe organized in function of life and it consists in a proposal of reformulation of cultural values whose referent is the respect for life.

Biocentric Principle proposes the strengthening of life and the expression of its evolutive powers. From this point of view, Biodanza is poetical of human being, based on universal laws that conserves and lets the evolution of life. Every action of Biodanza are oriented in accord with the deep and touching phenomenon of life.

Biodanza uses a vivencia methodology. Giving more importance to the real experience than the verbal information, it allows to start the internal transformation without the intervention of repression mental processes.

Let’s attend to the visionary thought of Albert Schweitzer: “thinking about life I feel the obligation to respect every will of life around me, to be like my life”.

The Biocentric Principle focus its attention in a universe conceived as a living system. The kingdom of life is more than vegetables, animals and human beings. All the existing things, from neutrino to quasar, from stone to the keener thought, is part of prodigious living system.

According to the Biocentric Principle the universe exists in order to make life to exist and not the contrary.

Applications and Extensions of Biodanza

To study the applications and the extensions of Biodanza it is necessary to be a Biodanza Teacher.

Main Applications of Biodanza

Biodanza Applications for Specific Groups

  • Biodanza for Children and Adolescents (healthy or at risk)
  • Biodanza for Adults (healthy and/or disabled)
  • Biodanza for Pregnant Women
  • Biodanza for Couples
  • Biodanza for Family Groups
  • Biodanza and Gerontology
  • Biodanza in the workplace (organizations)


Biodanza Applications for Specific Groups in the clinical area

  • Biodanza and Psychosomatic Disorders
  • Biodanza and Mental Health
  • Biodanza and Hypertension
  • Biodanza and Motor Disorders
  • Biodanza for Drug Addiction
  • Biodanza for Obesity, Anorexia and Bulimia
  • Biodanza and Cancer
  • Biodanza and Parkinson’s Syndrome
  • Biodanza and Autoimmune Diseases
  • Biodanza and Diabetes Mellitus
  • Biodanza and HIV Carriers


Biocentric Education

It is a proposal of Rolando Toro in the area of the philosophy of the education where life is the centre of any reflection and it sees the man as a “relational, ecological and cosmic” one. This kind of image of man can be acquired by the development of affectivity, the amplification of perception and by the ethic consciousness expansion. Rolando Toro has created Biodanza as a mediator system for the application of Biocentric Education in various human groups.

Main Extensions of Biodanza

  • Minotauro Project
  • Aquatic Biodanza
  • Biodanza, Identity and the 4 Elements of Nature
  • The Wishes Tree
  • Biodanza Massage
  • Biodanza and Clay
  • Deep Masculinity and Femininity
  • Biodanza in Nature
  • Creativity Lab
  • Argonauta Mission
  • Neo-Sciamanismo
  • The Research of the Unknown and the Circle of Archetype, which includes among others:

– The Premonition of the Angel

– Dancing I’Ching

– Biodanza and the Greek Archetypes

– Biodanza and the Tarot Arcana

– Biodanza and the Ways of the Hero

– Biodanza and the Archetypes of the Orixas

– Biodanza and the Bach Flower Archetypes

– The Return of Dionisio

– The Rebirth