About us

BIODANZA ROLANDO TORO is the International Organization of Biodanza SRT.

BIODANZA ROLANDO TORO is the International Organization of Biodanza SRT. It maintains its objectives and the statute of the former International Biocentric Foundation, created by Rolando Toro in 2003 whose mission is preserve the integrity of “Biodanza Sistema Rolando Toro” and its evolution, in accordance with its theoretical model. In addition to divulging the artistic and intellectual legacy of Rolando.

Provide constant Methodological and Theoretical Advice in coherence with the Theoretical Model.

Create permanent feedback mechanisms with the Directors of the Schools.

Spread Biodanza in the different spheres of society.

Evaluate and approve requests for the opening of new Training Schools.

Prepare and deliver Diplomas and Certifications.

Provide training courses for ``Didacta`` Teachers and Tutors.

Organize Meetings, Seminars and Congresses, both regional and international.

Encourage research and publication of the intellectual and artistic legacy of Rolando Toro.

Administrative structure

The administrative structure of Biodanza Rolando Toro consists of the following members.


Claudete Sant'Anna


Rodrigo Toro


Eliane Matuk

Centro Studi Scuolatoro / Methodological Councillorship in collaboration with Claudete Sant 'Anna, Marcelo Mur and Nadia Costa
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Viviana Luz Toro

Anthropological Consulting

Marcelo Mur

Coordination Schools in Europe and rest of the world

Gittith Sánchez

Coordination Schools in America

Advisory Council

The role of the Advisory Council is to advise the BIODANZA ROLANDO TORO administration, as well as to promote the proper functioning of the Training Schools through a continuous dialogue with the School Directors.

Viviana Luz Toro

Armando Montanari

Mariela Toro

Two Representatives of Schools in America (*)

Lucía Helena Ramos

Two Representatives of Schools in Europe and rest of the world (*)

(*) Elected by School Directors.



Research and Publication

Team conformed by Eliane Matuk, Eugenio Pintore, Carmen Durán, Gittith Sánchez and Silvia Signorelli.


Applications and Extensions

Team conformed by Carla Toffanello, Carla Leiva, Donatella Panni, Mima Vitali e Sandra Valentini.


Legacy Rolando Toro

Team conformed by Viviana Luz Toro, Armando Montanari, Auribio Farias, Lúcia Helena Ramos and Rodrigo Toro.

The financial model of BIODANZA ROLANDO TORO is not based on franchise system. Teachers graduated in Biodanza Schools are free-lancers. In order to preserve the model integrity the schools have financial authonomy but are not methodologically independent. That has the aim to preserve the model integrity.

To make sure that the former conditions are fulfilled a contract between Directors of Schools as well as by BIODANZA ROLANDO TORO has to be signed. This contract sets the rules that both parts have to respect and follow and fixes the annual fees to be paid by the Schools.

Annual Training Schools Fees 2018


800 Euros

America and rest of the world

800 Dollars

NOTE: Schools with less than 10 students: 400 Euros/US Dollars.